Revive your social life

People Calendar is the smart calendar app that helps you stay in touch and make plans with the people in your life that are, or you want to be, closest to you.

Here's to more fun plans in your life!

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Cut through the day-to-day clutter and highlight people and moments that matter

Builds on your regular calendar

Manage events smoothly integrated with your Google Calendar, without the distractions.

Manage your contacts

No hundreds of people you added some time ages ago and met only once - just the people close to you.

Never forget birthdays and anniversaries

Keep the overview of special events, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more.

Designed for any device

Easy to use on desktop, tablet or mobile.

When my career started taking off and we got young kids, it was hard for me and my partner to stay in touch with friends. And frankly, even with each other sometimes. With People Calendar, even as life gets hectic, I'm always sure there's good stuff coming up with people I care about.

Michael Fresner


Frequently Asked Questions

What is People Calendar?

A web and mobile app to help you manage your social calendar and events for the people closest to you.

It is intended to be used as a layer 'on top of' your regular Google Calendar. You can access it from your browser on any device.

Yes, fundamentally so. Technically connecting with Google Calendar not required, but People Calendar is intended explicitly to use together with it, so without it things will feel a lot less nice.

No, We'll never store your Google Calendar data.

Just download the app and you can get started right away.

You can get started for free with a limited amount of contacts. But this is a one-man labour of love and it does require support to run the servers. Supporting with a paid account costs little more than a glass of wine a month though, small in comparison with those you'll have with your close ones when using the apps!

Never forget a birthday again

It's fully free to try out at your own pace, so what do you have to lose?


  • Be reminded to get in touch with people you care about.
  • Keep an easy overview of birthdays, holidays and more.
  • Have a handy week-by-week view of your agenda with clutter removed.
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