Personal CRM

Manage people you want to stay in touch with.

A personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, often referred to as a personal CRM, is a tool that helps individuals manage and maintain relationships with their contacts and network.

While traditional CRMs are designed for businesses to manage customer interactions, Fun Plans as a personal CRMs is tailored for individuals to nurture relationships with friends, family, colleagues, clients, mentors, and other contacts important to them.
Here are some key features and functionalities that make Fun Plans a personal CRM:

Contact Management

Personal CRMs allow you to store and organize your contacts in a central database. You can store various details such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and additional notes relevant to each contact.

Relationship Tracking

Personal CRMs enable you to track the history and context of your interactions with each contact. You can log meetings, conversations, emails, or any other form of communication, allowing you to recall previous discussions and maintain continuity.

Reminders and Notifications

These systems often include reminder features that help you stay on top of your relationships. You can set reminders for follow-ups, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other significant events to ensure you don't miss important opportunities to connect with your contacts.

Communication Integration:

Personal CRMs may integrate with various communication channels like email, messaging apps, and social media platforms. This integration allows you to send and receive messages directly from the CRM, keeping all communication history in one place.

Notes and Contextual Information

You can record personal details, professional background, preferences, and any other information that helps you understand your contacts better and build stronger relationships.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Use Fun Plans goal-setting features to help you set relationship-related goals and track your progress. This functionality can assist you in managing and prioritizing your networking efforts effectively.
By leveraging a personal CRM, you can enhance your networking efforts, build stronger connections, remember important details about your contacts, and stay organized in managing your relationships more effectively.
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Application Features

Cut through the day-to-day clutter and highlight people and moments that matter

Builds on your regular calendar

Manage events smoothly integrated with your Google Calendar, without the distractions.

Manage your contacts

No hundreds of people you added some time ages ago and met only once - just the people close to you.

Never forget events

Keep the overview of special events, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more.

Designed for any device

Easy to use on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Never forget a birthday again

It's fully free to try out at your own pace, so what do you have to lose?


  • Be reminded to get in touch with people you care about.
  • Keep an easy overview of birthdays, holidays and more.
  • Have a handy week-by-week view of your agenda with clutter removed.
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